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NCP developes its software products for remote access and IIoT based on standards and remains flexible for customer requirements to ensure the usability of the solution, its compatibility and the profitability of all remote access components in a Virtual Private Network. Our passion is to develop universally applicable software components that allow for highly secure integration of mobile workers into a central data network. Numerous successful projects, awards and case studies underpin our expertise in remote access.

NCP's "Next Generation Network Access Technology" provides you with a one-stop solution:

  • A unique product portfolio for creating a holistic VPN work environment 
  • Top-notch technology in all VPN client and server components
  • Unique central Remote Access Management
  • Dynamic security management as the basis for end-to-site security that provides you with sustainable protection from industrial espionage-software components for secure data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) scenarios.

Products and services

NCP Secure Entry Client Suite
The NCP Secure Entry Clients for Windows, Android and macOS are one-click solutions. The IPsec clients automatically selects the appropriate firewall policy, controls internet connectivity, secures hotspot login and initiates the setup of a VPN tunnel.

Fully automated VPN solution with central management
Enterprise remote access designed for scalability and organizations with more than 100 remote users: Based on more than 30 years of remote access experience, our comprehensive VPN solution is designed to meet the requirements of users, IT staff and controllers. The result is a cost efficient, fully automated and highly secure Remote Access VPN solution.

IIoT Security
NCP offers software components for secure data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) scenarios. The NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution bridges the gap between operational IT and production IT located in devices and machines.
VPN Client Suite for Windows

This VPN Client Suite is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.x and Windows 7. The highly secure communication software is designed for use in any remote access VPN environment.
All modules can be configured centrally by IT management. This means that users benefit from a single-click solution which connects to the internet automatically, establishes a VPN tunnel, selects the network and configures firewall rules independently.

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Professional VPN Client Suite for iOS

Secure the iOS-based devices in your company with the NCP Secure Enterprise iOS clients. NCP Secure Enterprise Management provides centralized management of all VPN clients as well as VPN configuration, user certificates, root certificates and licenses for iOS clients. Strong authentication provides comprehensive protection from unauthorized access. VPN connections can also be secured using Touch ID.
The NCP Secure Enterprise iOS clients are available for mobile devices with iOS 9.3 and above.

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VPN Client Suite for Android

Equip Android end devices, used within your enterprise, with an NCP managed Android VPN Client. NCP's VPN Management enables central management of all VPN clients. VPN configurations and user certificates and licenses for these clients can be centrally managed.
The NCP Android VPN clients are available for mobile end devices with the operating systems Android 4.4 and above.

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NCP engineering, Inc.
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News & Innovations

NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server
NCP will launch a virtual VPN Gateway appliance. This will enable customers to run Secure Enterprise VPN Server in their virtual environment. NCP’s virtual appliance will be the standard way to deploy the NCP server product. It can be managed by security administrators as a pool of resources that scale on demand. It provides programmable automation for deployment and management and uses a common policy-based operational model across physical and virtual environments, reducing cost and complexity. The Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server from NCP includes an easy to use graphical interface for basic configuration. After finishing the basic configuration, the Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server can be configured via web browser or Secure Enterprise Management. The number of remote users and VPN tunnels can be scaled as needed. NCP’s Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server has a modular software architecture which offers companies a high degree of planning and investment security.
NCP Secure Enterprise Management for IIoT Security and Classic Remote Access
The NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution bridges the gap between operational IT and production IT located in devices and machines. This type of holistic solution enables administrators to proactively manage IIoT Clients, IIoT Gateways, remote access Gateways and remote access Clients with one management system. NCP engineering’s remote access and IIoT security solutions reinforce security for enterprises and SMBs, and provide encrypted communications on systems and machinery including connected cars, ATMs, and digital signage.
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