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secunet is Germany’s leading provider for superior IT security, and has been a security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany since 2004. At secunet, more than 500 specialists are focused on issues such as cryptography, biometrics, e-government, critical infrastructure and automotive security. secunet’s main product portfolio SINA is a joint development with the German Federal Office for Information Security and consists of cryptographic solutions for national and international customers with high security requirements. SINA enables secure processing, storage, transfer and registration of classified information up to and including classifications GEHEIM (Germany), NATO SECRET and SECRET UE.

The diversity of secunet’s unique product portfolio – comprising stationary and mobile clients, IPsec gateways and data diodes, Ethernet encryptors and a registry-compliant solution (SINA Workflow) – supports the creation of security domains for an almost infinite range of application scenarios.

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Nowadays, Workstations need to be flexible. There are high expectations in terms of convenience, security and efficiency. With our SINA Workstation S, a mobile crypto client, customers can communicate with server areas via a high grade IPsec VPN – anytime, anywhere, while data at rest is also highly secured by cryptographic means. A key component of the IT infrastructure in high security networks are our SINA L3 Boxes S. They connect public authority or corporate networks via the Internet by a high secure IPsec VPN tunnel. Even in complex networks military grade security can be achieved with low effort: With SINA SOLID (Secure OverLay for IPsec Discovery), a part of the SINA L3 Box S, dynamic IPsec-based security associations are configured automatically. Beyond that, there is new member in the portfolio: SecuStack, which is a security-hardened OpenStack Cloud infrastructure solution. It comes with various features securing the data provided by users to the Cloud. Furthermore, it offers holistic cryptographic tenant separation.

SINA Workstation S

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As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a key component of the central IT infrastructure in highsecurity networks. The data exchanged between the SINA components is securely transmitted via encrypted VPN tunnels. SINA L3 Boxes connect public authority or corporate networks via the Internet. In addition, access to (terminal) servers by SINA clients is provided via pre-switched SINA L3 Boxes, which serve as cryptographic network access points.

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SecuStack is a security-hardened Cloud infrastructure solution based on OpenStack. It comes with various features securing the data provided by users. It offers holistic cryptographic tenant seperation. SecuStack is an extension of the vanilla OpenStack code base. It is built upon generic OpenStack code and incorporates security enhancements and acts as a drop-in replacement for standard OpenStack components. SecuStack may be used in any environment with security-critical processes and data.

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SecuStack: Cloud Computing for Security-Critical Infrastructures
OpenStack is the de facto standard for open-source cloud computing and data centres – which even global players rely on for public and private cloud services. The solutions are fully scalable and can be flexibly expanded or reduced based on the current order situation, meaning that companies of any size can have a tailored cloud structure with OpenStack. In order to implement the increased security requirements of R&D institutions, Industry 4.0 applications, public authorities, and banks, for example, secunet Security Networks AG – a leading German provider for discerning IT security – has embarked on a collaboration with Cloud&Heat Technologies, with the objective of establishing a security-hardened cloud platform for critical processes and data. In this collaboration, Cloud&Heat’s many years of experience with OpenStack infrastructures and their operation, alongside secunet’s unique expertise in the areas of highly secure system solutions, cryptography, and highly complex key management, will reach a new level of synergy.
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