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INFODAS was founded in 1974 in Germany. We are an independent, family owned business with over 130 Cybersecurity and IT experts. The company has been developing Cybersecurity products and providing Cybersecurity consulting to government, defense and commercial clients for over 45 years. Our product portfolio includes secure microkernel OS based cross domain / DLP solutions or patch management for air gapped networks.

INFODAS products have a unique security architecture and meet the highest security requirements of e.g. the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), NATO & EU. Our products and supply chain follow the security by design principle. They are developed and manufactured in Germany. They do not contain non-declared backdoors.

INFODAS products are used in the most demanding, mission critical and sensitive operational environments around the world (Navy vessels out at sea, containers in the desert, weapon systems, air traffic control, satellite communication and critical infrastructure (IT/OT)). Products and services

Products and services

SDoT Security Gateway / Express SECRET approved bi-directional cross domain solution / DLP meeting NATO standards and for real time scenarios. Filters unstructured and structured data (e.g. XML, ADEXP, NMEA, DIS, ADatP3, ASTERIX, LINK16, HLA, Jchat/XMPP).
SDoT Diode (9.1 Gbit/s) High-speed unidirectional (gateway). The only non-fiberoptic SECRET approved data diode in the world.
SDoT Labelling Service Data labelling / categorization with tamper proof labels for any application ecosystem to work with data of different classification levels.

PATCH.works Highly secure patch management solution of isolated networks SAVe GRC / ISMS software for the BSI IT-Grundschutz standards 100-x and 200-x

Secure Domain Transistion SDoT

The SDoT product family solves the challenge of military, intelligence and homeland security or critical infrastructure clients that need to share or protect highly classified data across domains from Unclassified to Top Secret.

Cross Domain / DLP / Classified Data Solution
Network Security
Secure Operating System

SDoT Security Gateway
SDoT Diode
SDoT Labelling Service
SDoT Microkernel Operating System
SDoT Classified Data Registry (SIS & SD)
SDoT Log Service

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Patchmanagement solution that allows administrators to efficiently and securely patch air gapped networks classified up to SECRET. Allows to update all Microsoft products, Linux distributions, antivirus definitions, IDS/IPS advisories, third party applications such as Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Java Runtime.

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News & Innovations

Safest NIC in the world will start shipping in 2019: The SDoT Secure Network Card

INFODAS will be the first company worldwide to offer a secure network interface card (NIC) with an FPGA for clients and servers. The NIC has been developed in Germany and is currently undergoing SECRET approval evaluation by the German government. Every element of the NIC is about Cybersecurity to protect sensitive or classified government, military or commercial systems. This includes formally verified code or limited functionalities.

A NIC remains a critical hardware (HW) from a Cybersecurity perspective because a compromised NIC can be used to compromise an OS via surrounding peripherals on a client. A NIC has become complex low cost HW. Beyond processing network frames between the wire and the OS, a NIC is used as out-of-band low-cost management device. It's position in the hardware stack led to new remote administration functions which allow NIC’s to communicate with a command and control node. Those functions are active even with a broken, powered-off or even absent OS, which means that they have a very privileged position.

The SDoT Secure Network Card will be available in 2019. Register with INFODAS if you want be the first to test it and elevate your protection profile.

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