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TWINSOFT acts as an independent consultant for biometrics and IT security solutions. We offer innovative approaches, such as our self-developed BioShare products.

About us

TWINSOFT - where human-beings lead the technology into the future.
We work and live according to this principle. We do not work for numbers or faceless machines, or any random company name - but rather for and with people.

TWINSOFT offers new and innovative approaches to old and new problems:
Whether IT-Security issues or the integration of biometric solutions, such as palm vein scanning or voice recognition - TWINSOFT develops customized solutions and sees the bigger picture.

We recognized the potential and versatility of biometric solutions in terms of security, usability and convenience as early as 2007 and thus included them in our portfolio.

Biometric authentication, identity management and modular extensibility. We have the solution for the use of biometrics, with the highest security and data protection standards.

At TWINSOFT, there is no standstill or walking on the beaten paths – but exactly the opposite! Together we walk through the thicket and towards the future.

TWINSOFT biometrics GmbH & Co. KG
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Patrick Schott
Marketing / Sales Manager
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Products and Services

BIOMETRICS – You are the key
We develop individual solutions of user-friendly and forgery-proof registration and access technologies, with the help of biometric solutions.

Our core competencies:

  • Digital Identity-Management
  • Authentication methods: palm vein, voice, fingerprint, face, eye, multi-factor-authentication and many more 
  • Process optimisation 
  • Security

Our services:

  • biometrics advice
  • project management
  • managed service
  • product evaluation
  • product development
  • quality management
  • maintenance
  • integration & commissioning

IT-SECURITY – Be secure
Avoid IT attacks – explore causes, increase maximum security.

Our core competencies:

  • SIEM / Manged SIEM
  • Security Intelligence
  • Pentesting
  • GDPR
  • Compliance
  • PAM
  • Vulnerability Management

Our Services:

  • IT security advice
  • project management
  • MSSP
  • product evaluation
  • product development
Biometrics managementsuite BioShare

With our self-developed product BioShare we have created an intelligent and universal biometrics suite to enable the integration of biometric processes into existing infrastructures - also mobile.

One of the many advantages of biometric processes is their versatility, such as the use in different workflows, access control, password reset as well as authentication.

All biometric processes can be implemented. From fingerprint to voice identification but also palm vein and iris scan.

BioShare MFA/Authenticator KIT

The difficulties involved in identity management and authentication are not always easy to deal with today. With multi-factor authentication based on biometrics, you can handle the challenges with ease and also increase your safety, comfort and usability.

Thanks to our BioShare, we can easily combine your existing solution with biometrics in a solution that suits your needs.

BioShare NewWorkKIT

New work is no longer really new since COVID-19 impacted our lives. Flexible working from home or at other locations away from the office is now commonplace and is more than just a potential alternative.

Are your data and your customers’ data really safe in this new working world? Probably not with previous methods. Could your employee’s laptop be left unattended and visible to all? Might confidential documents be left open? NewWorkKIT helps you to minimise these risks.

News & Innovations

BioShare Mobile

With BioShareMobile, you can also enjoy the benefits of the intelligent biometrics suite BioShare on mobile devices. This means: practically unlimited authentication applications and even greater user-friendliness.

Authentication by means of a biometric feature, such as a fingerprint, facial recognition or other feature, is now immediately possible. For this to work, the device must also have the relevant biometric sensor, of course.

Once it is installed, BioShareMobile remains inconspicuously in the background and only becomes active, again in an inconspicuous manner, when another app, such as online banking, requires authentication. In addition, multiple devices can also be connected via BioShareMobile. If the battery is empty on a smartphone, simply use a tablet.

Maximum security wherever you need it, with minimal effort. Biometrics is the future. And BioShareMobile is your key to this.

Further reading

An average of 4% of employees in a company forget one of their passwords every month and have to reset it.

For many companies resetting passwords is associated with a lot of effort and high costs. On average, a password reset including the spent work time, costs around 23 euros.

The effort and costs can be significantly reduced, while user-friendliness and security can be increased at the same time. This is made possible by the TWINSOFT BioShare solution in combination with voice biometrics.

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