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asvin GmbH is providing software for context-based risk analysis. This makes it possible to reliably find and prioritise cyber vulnerabilities in production.

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Asvin provides solutions to manage cybersecurity and provenance in software supply chains. This includes services to record software bill of materials, track software processes, document regulatory compliance, and offer graph tools for supplier risk analytics. The technology is designed for critical IoT applications such as automotive, medical, and energy, to control and analyze security and management of software across complex supply chains and device lifecycles. Asvin's ledger-based solution helps vendors and operators meet regulatory require- ments for cybersecurity and maintain trust, transparency, and integrity in their software processes. The technology has been approved for industrial PoCs and is currently deployed in pilot programs for the automotive industry. The technology can be applied to various industries such as smart industry, aerospace, smart infrastructure, and medical.

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asvin is developing unique innovative solutions for managing the cybersecurity and provenance of software supply chains and enhancing overall confidence in multiple domains such as automotive, governmental and industrial systems. asvin enables vendors and operators to fulfill regulatory cybersecurity requirements and ensure the integrity, trust and transparency of their software related processes and dev ops pipelines. asvin provides a distributed ledger-based solution and services to record software bills of materials, track and trace all software related processes, document regulatory compliant methods, and derive software supplier risks analytic insights. asvin’s Beehive platform is the first global decentralized platform designed to address software supply-chain cyber risk management in a comprehensive uniform manner. With this innovative impactful offering asvin is improving confidence and trust across all global IoT software supply-chain participants.

Beyond the simple representation, documentation and management of elements, the asvin technology graphically represents relationships and dependencies between elements. The platform uses the data of all existing asset management systems via interfaces and captures asset data. It stores and manages asset metadata, network information, network segment, hardware and software information, among other things.

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Threat Management grounded on context-based risk analysis in OT environments

Threat Management grounded on context-based risk analysis in OT environments from asvin enables companies to effectively protect their production. 

Let us show you in north hall, hall D, booth number 5469-10, how asvin technology secures production environments despite the increasing threat situation and the ongoing shortage of skilled workers:

  • Reliably find and cleverly deal with cyber vulnerabilities in production.
  • Prioritise vulnerabilities: business-critical first, less important second
  • Plan the use of resources: deploy personnel in a targeted manner
  • Identify risks at an early stage and thus avoid interruptions and additional expenditure 
  • Operate production more cyber-securely and significantly more cost-effectively 

Business processes can be secured in advance for the first time through visualisation of attack paths and graph-based risk analysis. This gives companies the tools and methods they need to be even more proactive in their defence measures. 

Press-contact: Konrad Buck
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