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Berlin-based D Trust GmbH is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With its technologically mature solutions, it is a veritable pioneer in secure digital identities.

About us

Berlin-based D Trust GmbH is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With its technologically mature solutions, it is a veritable pioneer in secure digital identities. In this way, the company is strengthening confidence in digitalization. As an independent and qualified trust service provider, D Trust has been listed with the Federal Network Agency since 2016 within the framework of the eIDAS Regulation. The company translates trust into concrete products by supplying legally secure and certified trust services, such as digital certificates and electronic signatures. These products meet the highest security standards of state-of-the-art infrastructures and enable secure digital identities for companies, public authorities and for private use. D Trust GmbH employs a workforce of currently around 240, generating revenue of EUR 79.9 million in 2021. For more information, go to: www.d-trust.net

D-Trust GmbH
Kommandantenstr. 15
10696 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2598-0
Internet: www.d-trust.net/en

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Nicole Doerfler
Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 151 10998957
Markus Graebner
Senior Partner Manager
Phone: +49 170 9288136
Peter Koppa
Senior Account Manager
Phone: +49 151 23430903

Products & Services

D-Trust makes new regulations applicable in the form of innovative solutions, thus enabling secure digitization as well as social and economic progress. Whether digital certificates, electronic signatures or other IT solutions - for our customers and partners we produce legally secure and certified trust services that meet the highest security standards of modern infrastructures. As an independent and qualified trust service provider, we have been listed with the Federal Network Agency since 2016 under the eIDAS regulation. We also relay on strong network of trusted partners whose expertise and mission fit D-Trust and complement each other perfectly. As customer or partner – find out more and get in touch!

Digital certificates prove the identity of websites, people and machines and they encrypt our communication. Be it TLS/SSL certificates for trusted websites, personal or organization certificates, machine certificates or PSD2 certificates for authentication at bank interfaces – they all have one thing in common, i.e., they ensure secure, encrypted communication.

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Certificate Service Manager

Companies that use various certificates need a fast request process if they are to be able to act quickly and to manage certificates in an efficient manner. The Certificate Service Manager (CSM) is a web-based managed PKI solution for managing and requesting certificates and for user administration. You can manage everything on a single platform. This reduces the cost and time needed to manage a company's many digital certificates.

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Signature Server

The Signature Server is your central component for using digital trust services and can be seamlessly integrated into digital business processes. A web portal allows users to sign and seal individual or entire batches of documents, as well as invite external signatories. Workflows and templates support the handling of recurring processes. And the server’s interfaces (including REST and Java APIs) allow to add signatures and seals to existing systems such as document management or HR portals.

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News & Innovations

New Remote Seal Service from D-Trust Speeds up Sealing Processes

D-Trust, the qualified trust service provider (QTSP) of the Bundesdruckerei Group, received certification from TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH in February for a new remote seal service and is expanding its eIDAS portfolio in the field of e-government.

“Since hardware with seal cards and readers at every workplace is no longer required, it is now even easier for government agencies to create legally secured digital  documents ”, says Dr Kim Nguyen, Managing Director of D-Trust. The digital seal is seamlessly integrated into existing business and administrative processes via API (application programming interface).

The qualified electronic seal replaces an official seal or company stamp for legal entities in digital procedures. The eIDAS-certified trust service provides proof of the origin and integrity of electronic documents, such as notices, invoices or business correspondence. Like all eIDAS trust services, the D-Trust remote seal service is included on the EU Trusted List.

In addition, every remote seal from D-Trust is automatically includes a qualified time stamp. The integrity and authenticity of a document confirmed by the seal thus remains verifiable over the long term. Nguyen: “The combination of a qualified seal and time stamp provides the best solution for long-term preservation of documents with evidential value in electronic archives.”

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