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enclaive makes the benefits of Confidential Computing easily accessible, allowing businesses to keep their data private, deploying applications in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

About us

enclaive enables businesses to securely protect their sensitive data and applications in untrusted cloud environments by leveraging the use of Confidential Computing. Its comprehensive, multi-cloud operating system allows for Zero Trust security by encrypting data in use and shielding applications from both the infrastructure and solution providers. With enclaive, businesses can confidently build, test, and deploy a wide range of cloud applications, all while maintaining complete control over their confidential information. enclaive’s goal is to provide a universal, cloud-independent technology for enclaving sophisticated multi-cloud applications, that can be deployed with confidence and ease.

enclaive Gmbh
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Products & Services

enclaive enables businesses to easily deploy (multi-)cloud applications anywhere with the confidence and benefits of a private data center by delivering confidential compute technology out of the box.

The platform and tools provided by enclaive allow for easy deployment of any workload on the IT infrastructure of your choice, while supporting existing processes and tools used by Application Development and Operations Teams.

The enclaive confidential cloud is a one-stop solution for easy and fast entry into confidential computing, allowing for easy deployment of applications with just a few clicks, ensuring encryption of data in use. For advanced and individualized settings in hybrid environments, the enclaive portfolio includes all necessary product elements and services to deploy specific application needs beyond standard VMs, Containers, or databases.

enclaive Confidential Containers and Apps

The enclaive Confidential Containers allow you to build, deploy and run your applications in a secure and trusted environment. With containerization, we can ensure that every application component is verified for authenticity and complies with data regulations. With our Confidential Containers, you can ensure that your data remains confidential throughout its entire lifecycle. We’ll help you deploy, manage, and scale your containerized workloads in the latest confidential Kubernetes environment.

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enclaive confidential VMs

Create a high-performance backbone for your cloud infrastructure using the power of confidential virtual machines. Your data, application, and functionality are isolated from the cloud provider, protecting from being seen or modified by other parties, even when you’re using public clouds.

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enclaive Confidential Databases

The enclaive Confidential Databases provide the capabilities of market leading Databases like for MariaDB, Mongo and Redis enabling businesses to use their sensitive data in a highly secure manner while maintaining the scalability, resiliency, flexibility, and ease of use that you require. Data remains encrypted throughout the lifecycle – at rest, in transit, AND IN USE

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