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itWatch products protect against the most advanced forms of attack (APT), hidden attack vectors and data theft.

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itWatch products protect against the most advanced forms of attack (APT), hidden attack vectors and data theft. The patented itWatch security solutions with large installations, well over 400,000 licenses, offer many advantages due to their worldwide unique selling propositions - in the area of IT security, GRC and, of course, provable data protection. High demands of intelligence service, military and police are met as well as those of standard office workplaces. Since 1997, the itWatch Enterprise Security Suite protects its customers millions of times in the areas of device, port, application, media, print, content control, security awareness, endpoint security, DLP etc. The IoT/Industry 4.0 market is served by end-to-end security lifecycle solutions on embedded systems. All itWatch products are developed and tested in Germany and sold worldwide through partners.

itWatch GmbH
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Products & Services

itWatch Enterprise Security Suite (itWESS): itWESS combines 14 modules for device, port, content, media, application, risk, print control and solutions for encryption, endpoint security, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), technical enforcement of data privacy and technical support GRC by the use of security awareness in real time., E.g. content-filtered and encrypted USB control incl. protection against BadUSB. Automation is part of itWatch security solutions to achieve cost saving value adds at operation. Cost-efficiency is the driving factor for the development. itWatch products do not only cover endpoint security aspects but also server and infrastructure to implement topics like DLP, compliance and data privacy actively and cost efficiently with real ROI.

Capturing, releasing, and blocking each application in real-time using Black- and White-List

Application Watch enforces your security policy “what programs will be locally available” for all computers in your network. ApplicationWatch prevents the usage of malware or non-licensed software and protocols attempted access from unauthorized personal. The administration will be done centrally using security policies and defining individual rights for applications not depending on the user‘s rights.

itWatch Enterprise Security Suite (itWESS)

Extensive, modular protection for identities, interfaces and resources in all security classes
The functions of the itWESS include protection against data theft (DLP), endpoint security, EDR, encryption, security awareness in real time, a secure keyboard, risk auditing in real time, MalWareTrap, secure deletion, logging, virtual lock systems, the control of devices, ports, applications, content, media and printing, cost-reducing added value in operation and the simple use of security solutions.


A mobility solution for all security classes
Bootable work environment from encrypted USB stick enables complete mobility of the individual workstation standardized in the company with central and local applications and data including secure patch management and all functions required for operation. Optimal as a secure home workstation on any third-party hardware.

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